Places sacred to Brigid in Britain and Ireland

Britain and Ireland are sacred to Brigid and there are many places particularly associated with her scattered throughout the land. These include, churches, bays, islands, mounds, stones, towns and wells. An ongoing pilgrimage in search of Brigid, Goddess and Saint has allowed many such places to be listed in the country gazetters you can discover on this site. Postcodes have been provided to aid navigation with smartphone maps and/or sat navs.

Please follow the country links and also take a look at the Photo Gallery that contains over 200 photos of the places listed.

A shade art though in the heat,
A shelter art thou in the cold,
Eyes art thou to the blind,
A staff art thou to the pilgrim,
An island art thou at sea,
A fortress art thou on land,
A well art thou in the desert.

Fragment of Brigid's Invocation of the Graces
Carmina Gadelica