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Solas Bhríde

Solas Bhride is a Christian Spirituality Centre with hermitage accommodation in Kildare, Ireland. The sisters welcome people of all faiths and of no faith. The vision of the centre is to unfold the legacy of St. Brigid and its relevance for our time. Spirituality at Solas Bhride Centre is nourished by: Sharing and celebrating the Story of Brigid in a life-giving and creative way; Exploring the traditions, values and spirituality of Ireland’s patroness; Celebrating the seasons of the year; Pilgrimages; Retreat Days; and Workshops on spirituality and ecology.

Féile Bríde

Brigid's Festival in Kildare is an annual week long event beginning on 31st January. A time for reflection, discussion, music and dance. A time to celebrate the customs associated with Brigid.

Brigid of Faughart Festival

The Brigid of Faughart Festival celebrates Brigid as both Saint and Goddess, and the Celtic Festival of Imbolc at the beginning of spring. The emphasis of this festival is to revisit and reclaim the richness of the traditions associated with Brigid of Faughart in ways which are relevant to our lives in the 21st Century.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

A longstanding annual gathering to honour Goddess at Lammas. World renowned speakers, joyful ceremony, workshops and exhibitions.

The Friends of Bride's Mound

Bride's Mound in Glastonbury is one of the sacred hills of the Isle of Avalon. There is an old belief that St. Brigid visited Glastonbury in 488ce1. The Friends of Bride’s Mound were formed in November 1995 to preserve, protect and enhance the land known as Bride’s Mound and the immediate environs by keeping the natural simplicity of this special place open to the local community and visitors.

Brigit's Forge

Site maintained by Hilaire Wood who lives in Wales. "Brigit's Forge website is inspired by Brigit and dedicated to her. It represents the actual and virtual place where I work as a poet and healer and where I research and write about Brigit, Celtic mythology and folklore."

Brigit's Sparkling Flame

Mael Brigde's blog containing Brigit-related news, views, and links.

Daughters of the Flame

"On Imbolc, 1993, the Daughters of the Flame lit a fire in honour of the Goddess Brigit and the saint Bridget, modelled after the perpetual fire which once burned in Kildare. We share the task of tending the flame, on a twenty day rotation; each woman tends the fire in her own way, so that it is a solitary devotion linked to the devotions of a larger group. On the twentieth day the Goddess Herself keeps the flame alive. Instead of burning in one grove, temple, or monastery, it burns on personal altars, desks, and picnic tables in countries east and west, south and north."

Ord Brighideach

A Brigidine Order of Flamekeepers engaging in devotional work to Brighid with over 500 Flamekeepers representing 19 different countries.

Celebrating St. Bridget's Day in Gaelic
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Celtic Retreat and Spirituality Centres

Tearmann Spirituality Centre, Glendalough Ireland

Noddfa A place of welcome and peace, North Wales

St. Non's Retreat Centre, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Goddess Temples

Glastonbury : Bristol : Nottingham : Sheffield

Vienna : Turin :

USA : California : Nevada : Oregon : Utah

Australia : New South Wales : Victoria

Priestess of Brighde Training

A transformative two year training (10 weekends) on the sacred Isle of Avalon.


  1. For a full discussion of St. Brigid's visit to Glastonbury see, Brigid Goddess, Druidess and Saint, Brian Wright, The History Press 2009 chapter 10 pp166-188