Brighid, Goddess and Saint

A very warm welcome and thank you for visiting this website. It was conceived from a long standing love of Celtic spirituality, the British Isles and Ireland. Brigid is known by many names including Breda, Bree, Breeshey, Bride, Bridie, Bridhe, Bridget, Brighde, Brigid, Brighid and Brigit. Although there is an ongoing discussion as to just how many Celtic Brigids there were, and how related the goddess Brigantia is, we keep an open mind and include them all here.

The site includes pages about Brigid as both a Goddess and a Saint and a summary of traditions associated with her feast day in Ireland and Scotland. At its heart is a gazetteer of places associated with Brigid in Britain and Ireland. Most of these I have visited as part of an ongoing pilgrimage of devotion. I hope that may give you some ideas of lovely places to visit, stay awhile and pray. Each of the pages of the gazetteer include postcodes and/or Ordnance Survey map references to aid navigation. As well as the pictures on the gazetteer pages I have also included a Photo Gallery of some 200 photos.

I have included pages listing books, music, stories and poetry. There are copious references and web-links throughout to aid further discovery.

The header banner depicts Brigid against Eilean Bhride in the Hebrides. The scroll honours all those who have preserved Her story throughout the ages. The red hot iron spiral represents the goddess who was known as a smith. It suggests a crosier as a reminder that St. Brigid of Kildare was consecrated as a religious using the form of the ordination of a bishop.

On any pilgrimage you will meet lots of wonderful people, thank you for being you, you know who you are. Some I would like to especially thank for their inspiration and contribution to this site: Wendy Andrew, John Billingsley, the late Sheila Rose Bright, Marion van Eupen, Kathy Jones, Carolyn Probyn, Cheryl Straffon, Heather Upfield, Beth Walker and the Brigidine Sisters at Solas Bhride, Kildare. I would also like to thank my wife, Sylvia for being a wonderful companion on the pilgrimage that is life.

Now it only remains to say that I hope you enjoy this website and find it a blessing.